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pembangkit memori saja.untuk seorng pelukis sketsa biasanya sangat banyak gunanya karena fungsinya untuk menuangkan momen2 penting terutama obyek yang bagus yang akan dilukis" arris grey.

Minggu, 20 Juni 2010

"Plagiatorrrr ...!!!" "Even a plagiarist also requires expertise .."

"Plagiatorrrr ...!!!"
"Even a plagiarist also requires expertise .."

"Plagiarist plagiarist ..!... ..!!!!
whether the meaning of the word plagiarism? or a plagiarist? I am confused should seek references from the meaning of the word in the dictionary or the Internet. word plagiarism usually associated with a negative act imitating people's work, in essence, a person who makes any work will not be copied ... because what works? because nothing will be number one among them, many people feel that first produced the work of its own people that produce the same work and the people with the following works will be on call with plakgiat / copycat .. although the same work are not symmetrical, one hundred percent . then the person making the patented works, sometimes it works Who's confused? because everyone can have ideas, imagination, thought or anything similar at different times, it's just that it is the emergence of more recent or final. but if a lack of knowledge and talent can not have something to do or make the same and similar work exactly? as do her? . Whether a twin or the same could be said for making such plakgiat? whether the world is a plagiarist plagiarism will be called when making something the same as what is made or done by others??? weird? really strange .. even someone else must have been a plakgiator maestro for himself .. how can it be so?? n take the example that people make something work that any first time must have been from something what he thinks, he dreams it, he imagined, he kan.dan imagination .. what else ???... he essentially from that which passed through his mind then pour into the work he or she must have been actualized imitating imitation of what she thought of his mind, and if he must imitate plagiarist plagiarist then we are all on our own .... so how about
said photo, copier, scanner, backup ... cloning .. and others who all functions make something similar but the strange result, the tools, he made his name with the title why not mentioned the word plagiarism or plagiarist yes ??.... ah .. it's up to whatever it is let all the running with his own instincts, to walk with his own words to remain loyal and work .... the plagiarist running, thinking that the twins let alone want to be made .... let alone a twin who was in his mind? because that could make one hundred percent identical twins ........................ only god who create, who created from nothingness into existence only god ..... . the plagiarist stop thinking because the fear of an equality ... afraid of the world contains all the same thing ...... .... apparently unthinkable to make the exact same thing was sometimes undesirable ...." This is also called with living in a two-choice ......"

"dunia sketsa arris grey" (crazy-world).

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